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History: Post, Bushman & Tempo Lake

Pre-Tempo Lake Era:
1894: John Post acquires 160 acres from the Federal Government as a Homestead.
1903: Tax records show that the property had been improved.
1904: Tax records show Mrs. Julia Lee as owner of the property.
1912: Tax records show Harry Deloris Bushman as owner of the property/160 acres.
1914: Bulls frogs brought to the lake by Bushman.
1920: US Census – Harry D. Bushman (Head of Household)

    Household members:

  • Loiie E. Bushman, wife
  • Oscar L. Westmoreland, 23
  • Emmet F. Snyder, 21
  • Clara B. Snyder, 22

Emmet F. “Tobe” and Clara Snyder lived on the lake between the present properties: 10630 and 10640 Stedman Rd. It is assumed the house (no longer standing), which was occupied in the 1920′s by Bushman and Snyder, was the original homestead house initially built by John Post and his wife, Fannie.

1914-1924: Fir Tree Lumber Company Railroad.
1916: Dept. of the Interior Geological Survey map shows a branch of the railroad running from the Fir Tree Lumber Company, which was located on the west side of Rainier Road between Fir Tree and Stedman Road to Milwaukee Road. This was the Gregory Mill Spur. This spur ran parallel to Stedman Road on the east side of the road between the lake (Tempo) and Stedman Rd.